How to get notified about web page update by e-mail?

Hi,I followed instruction to register first to get enabled e-mail,but nothing happens.
When I click options,there is text box offering me to register although I already have an account here. So where is the catch 22?

Thank you! This option is

Thank you! This option is little hidden,so I didn't manage to find it at first.
Now this add-on is working perfectly and doing what it suppose to do.
There are others,but none of them supports sending mail on update
(which should be main purpose of this - 'cause no one have time to sit
all day in front of computer).
Anyway thank you very much for advice,and problem solved! Thanks!

2 for the money :)))

You will need to enter the

You will need to enter the login credential that you used to signup at in your inbox settings. Then you will need to enable email notifications for individual alerts. To do that, click on an alert to expand it. Then click "-Options" to get the option to do so.

HTH, Ajit

email alert

Where do I specify what email address the alert is sent to?

You can enter your

You can enter your account info in the settings popup (in inbox).

I would have never figured

I would have never figured out the individual options box on my own! Thank you so much :)