AlertBox and Omnibar released

Released new AlertBox and Omnibar versions today. Finally found out some time to improve the addons and incorporate suggestions from our great users. The feedback provided has been very useful for improving the addons.

Changes AlertBox in this release are:

  • Checks image properties for changes for locator expression for IMGs.
  • Provided option to edit all locator properties in inbox
  • Added support for conditional alert. Check options for an alert in inbox.
  • Showing timeline in inbox with option to view different content types.
  • Showing diff in preview in inbox.

There are many more things that I would like to add to AlertBox. Hopefully, I would have enough time for it in the near future and am very excited to bring them to you.

Omnibar update is a bug fix release. Fixed the bug where, the ip address with port is not recognized as a URL and instead a search was performed. I have been working on the issue of slower performance in some user's machines and hope to have made the performance a bit better in this release.

Do let me know if you have a suggestion or found a bug that should be fixed. I would be glad to know them.

Thanks for using these addons and for your support!




Thanks Ajit. I'm loving the new updates to AlertBox.

The only thing I'm really missing now is persistent popup alerts. Looking forward to your future updates!

This feature request is in my

This feature request is in my TODO list. I would be working on making the alert popup more functional and richer. If you have more suggestions or feature requests, do let me know. Stay tuned and look out for future updates. :)