AlertBox reviewed at

A nice review at This is a good getting started guide for new users of AlertBox. More advanced aspects of the AlertBox such as using locator expressions were skipped. Perhaps that was out of scope of the current post.

How to get notified about web page update by e-mail?

Hi,I followed instruction to register first to get enabled e-mail,but nothing happens.
When I click options,there is text box offering me to register although I already have an account here. So where is the catch 22?

Check-for-updates interval

Is there any way I can check for updates more frequently that once very two minutes?

AlertBox released - being reviewed at AMO

Just uploaded a new version of AlertBox at AMO. I have added the highly requested feature to highlight changed content in Inbox. This works every time in Text view. It works most of the time in HTML view too. I will add more improvements with time. Share your ideas and suggestions with us in the forum. This will help prioritize features that needs to be added to AlertBox. Thanks for your support people.

Get the latest version from


AlertBox and Omnibar released

Released new AlertBox and Omnibar versions today. Finally found out some time to improve the addons and incorporate suggestions from our great users. The feedback provided has been very useful for improving the addons.

Changes AlertBox in this release are:

  • Checks image properties for changes for locator expression for IMGs.
  • Provided option to edit all locator properties in inbox
  • Added support for conditional alert. Check options for an alert in inbox.
  • Showing timeline in inbox with option to view different content types.
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